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Shissada Gate is one of the four nexus points an individual could have ported through to arrive in the drift. For thousands of dekron cycles, newly disenfranchised who entered the gate were taken elst to Vorkar, a planet similar to Griletol, for early establishment. When the Lioma entered via Shissada Gate during the Torq'Gan incursion, they brought war and savagery. Their feuds ravaged Vorkar, and their introduction to advanced technologies only intensified their conflicts. With their forces engaged with the Torq'Gan, the Rhy'Laar and their allies couldn't afford any additional troops to respond to the mounting Lioma threat. The Lioma were successful in capturing several harbinger ships, allowing them to recover those who entered Shissada. Lioma warlords enslaved the strongest of whom; those deemed weak were executed almost immediately. In the modern era of Qn'Tahr, “The Bloody Gate” is now virtually inaccessible to the Tri-Fed and their allies.

When an alliance was forged between the Lioma and the Coathe, the allies further secured the sectors surrounding Shissada Gate. Located on the Armada and Blood Legion territories' border, many untold dangers came to the unfortunate individuals who found themselves ported through the gate. The few unlucky humans who entered the drift via Shissada shared similar experiences upon their arrival as those who entered via Bacchus and Kundalini: the disorientation, the electrical charge, the overwhelming fear, and seeing alien creatures for the first time. It wasn't until they found themselves on board one of the dilapidated Lioma harbinger ships did the nightmare truly begin. Some humans remember being taken to Chi'Oli for immediate enslavement, mining raw materials for the Armada. Some claimed to have been taken lowk, deep into Coathe territory. Using their powerful telepathic abilities, survivors tell stories of being mentally enslaved by the Coathe and used for infiltration. Others recall undergoing terrifying experiments at the hands of Coathe scientists.

The Tri-Fed established several backdoor aurora lanes to reach the Bloody Gate. Only the bravest pilots patrolled the region for new arrivals. Small battles were common, but the preferred strategy was to recover and run.

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