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The Coathe

“The hostile invaders sought complete conquest over Qn'Tahr.”


The Coathe were the most technologically advanced civilization within Qn'Tahr during its modern era. Upon entering the galaxy, they launched an immediate assault on the Nohrd and the Commonwealth. Though defeated, the Coathe went on to form an alliance with the Lioma and Barados. As leaders of the Armada, the Coathe will stop at nothing until Qn'Tahr is under their complete domination.

Average Adult Height: 2 m (Uthal) 1.2 m (Shuthal)

Average Adult Weight: 81 kg (Uthal) 45 kg (Shuthal)

Alignment: Hostile

Origin: Unknown

Established Planet: Cotalla

Population: Unknown

Gate: Shissada, Bacchus

Reoccurring: No

Civilization Type: 4

Found: Armada Sector, Disputed Sector

Physical Traits

When humanity entered Qn'Tahr and first learned of the Coathe, they were recognized immediately as the alien greys from science fiction and eye witness abduction cases. Three unique subsets comprised their species: the Uthal, Shuthal, and Uthalic, each descending from eons of artificial selection to fulfill specific roles within their advanced society. They were humanoid in appearance, with bulbous craniums sitting atop frail, emaciated bodies. There was no visible distinction between males or females. Their hairless skin was varying shades of gray with little imperfections. Their most notable feature was their large, menacing black eyes that evolved into seeing in the ultraviolet spectrum. Thin, expressionless facial features remained unphased during any situation. Though lacking in physical strength, they were the first type 4 civilization to enter Qn'Tahr. Their IQ was estimated in the ballpark of 1500, dwarfing that of the Assiek, Alzheryn, and Nohrd. Each subset of Coathe possessed incredible telekinetic and telepathic abilities, making them a lethal presence within the galaxy.

Denizens of Qn'Tahr feared the mental faculties of the Coathe. They communicated by a telepathic link among individuals within a region, each commanded by an elusive Uthalic of their species. A single Coathe was capable of stunning, paralyzing, manipulating the thoughts, and possessing their adversaries within 50 meters without a clear line of sight. They could sense you coming before you were ever aware of their presence. A single Coathe could render ten individuals of varying species completely helpless with relative ease. Their ability to alter their alpha brainwaves also made them difficult to detect with conventional scanners. The Lioma were the only known species to have a natural resistance to the telepathic abilities of the Coathe. Combined with their advanced phase weapons, the lethality of the Coathe cannot be overstated. If one succeeded in getting past their senses and technology, a Coathe's body shared similar vulnerability with a human.

Most encounters with the Coathe involved the Shuthal subset of their species. The shortest of the three, humans likened their stature to that of a child. To others, they resembled the Mubus. They were predominately used as laborers and soldiers for the Armada. Their bodies were more robust than the Uthal and Uthalic, yet they shared similar intelligence and telepathic abilities as their brethren. Those who underestimated a Shuthal during an encounter often incurred fatal results.

The Uthal was the tallest of the three subsets. Their terrifying presence could make a hardened adventurer break into a cold sweat when encountered. Designed to fulfill leadership and enforcer roles within their society, encountering an Uthal was rare. Unlike the Shuthal, an Uthal was genetically bred to be polyphenic. By altering its morphology, an Uthal could increase its brain mass to become an Uthalic. Once its transformation was complete, the Uthal's head tripled in size to resemble that of a mantis. The process doubled its intelligence and increased its telepathic range to cover an entire system. The increased cranial mass rendered an Uthalic immobile without assistance. A desperate strategy among allied personnel was to target an Uthalic, hoping to disrupt communications within their forces. Given the lethality of the Coathe, such missions were considered suicide and were reserved for only the best Tri-Fed soldiers.

Extended Lore

A New Enemy

Upon their recovery from Shissada and Bacchus Gate by Nohrd controlled Harbinger vessels, the Coathe immediately broke free and secured the crafts.



Unlikely Allies

The Game of Conquest

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