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The Vlauk

“The honorable judges of The Father were instrumental to Qn’Tahr's moral foundation.”


Masters of reyv kor and heralds of The Father, the Vlauk were viewed as divine inquisitors of Qn'Tahr. As strict peacekeepers, their presence often brought swift resolution to conflicts that arose among their flock. Invoking the sacred laws of the Tha'Ohkt, Vaulok warriors often imparted ancient wisdom to struggling civilizations. Those rejecting peace to perpetuate war found themselves having to contend with that most lethal fighting force in the galaxy. United with the Nesis, they devoted themselves to maintain order within Qn'Tahr.

Average Adult Height: 1.78 m

Average Adult Weight: 46k g

Alignment: Lawful Good

Origin: Vokovin VI

Established Planet: Saa, Cressca

Population: 6 billion

Gate: Mogotus

Reoccurring: No

Civilization Type: 2

Found: Maso Terra

Physical Traits

As divine inquisitors to The Father, the Vlauk frequently traveled the regions beyond Maso Terra. Given their nature, their appearance was typically feared by the individuals they visited. They were described as hairless, muscular humanoids. Much shorter than their Nesis allies, their dirty bronze skin was cracked and weathered. Jagged bone growths protruded from their tibias, forearms, and other parts of their rugged bodies. Their masculine faces wrapped around an elongated skull that protruded from their scalps like a hardened cone. Both their hands and feet were bony and calloused. Despite their looks, they were strong enough to shatter dense, metamorphic rock with a single punch or kick. Their looks led many to underestimate their abilities upon encountering one for the first time. It was a mistake an individual only made once before incurring a Father's righteousness.

Of the many races who inhabited Qn'Tahr, the Vlauk came the closest to experiencing normal life cycles during their time in the galaxy. Despite the temporal stasis, a Vlauk's bones never stopped growing. If left unchecked, a Vlauk's bones could render them immobile within 5 dalatos. Death shortly followed. Only through the constant practice of reyv kor were they able to remain limber. They adorned themselves in thin robes that loosely resembled a gi. Rustic shades of copper, gold, and orange were their preferred pallet. An ornate statement necklace symbolized an individual's progress through the four levels of reyv kor. Like all denizens of Maso Terra, a piezeron floated near its owner, representing their unwavering faith.

Biologically, the Vlauk were sequential hermaphrodites. They could manipulate their gender to assume reproductive needs. Their society had long abandoned sexual vanity and only engaged in intimate acts for the sake of procreation. As all sentient creatures who inhabited Qn’Tahr were affected by an unexplained temporal stasis, reproduction was impossible. As a result, ALL Vlauk remained male during their time in the galaxy.

Key Figures

“His court presiding.”

  • His Supreme Honor, Kavahk Kalatis
  • Hand to The Honor, Civeev Kahvoak
  • Koval (Judge) Xnkordak Ahktahva
  • Koval Dyakt Nivohm
  • Koval Rahktovar Lokaurok
  • Koval Ayahkt Visceev
  • Koval Kohhibo Iahkvoh

“The Vaulok masters of Reyv Kor.”

  • All-Father Nokavn Xarduk, the Righteous Enforcer
  • Nolek Dialokk, Master of Kahma Tathn (Fist and Arms)
  • Nikkabahd Vaktavoo, Master of Iovok Tathn (Feet and Legs)
  • Xovalu Voltauk, Master of Kanta Vak Tathn (Body)

“Kahba Valik, shaman to The Father.”

  • Kahba Valik (Shaman) Ovvokoval Akalu

Common Phrases and Words

  • Tha - The celestial Father
  • Thavootha - The celestial Mother
  • Reyv Kor - Translates to 'fluid stone.' The martial art developed by the Vlauk to stay physically limber due to their constantly growing bones. Humans likened the fighting style to a mix of judo, kickboxing, and muay Thai. The fighting style consisted of 4 levels of mastery:
  1. Kahma Tathn - First level that focused on the hand and feet.
  2. Iovok Tathn - Second level that focused on the feet and legs.
  3. Kanta Vak Tathn - Third level that focused on the body.
  4. Thakovak Tathn - The All-Father. Forth level and final level of reyv kor. Achieved by those who mastered all movements of the fluid stone.
  • Vaulok - Warriors who dedicated themselves to mastering reyv kor. Strict enforcers of the Tha'Ohkt; The Father's inquisitors.
  • Hok Kahma Tha - The Golden Hand of The Father; the space fleet developed by the Vlauk. Large enough to transport the entirety of the Vlauk population. Utilized type 2 technology.
  • Koval - Judge. A member of Kavahk's court presiding.
  • Kahbah Valik - Wahga cultivators and shaman. Act as guides to those undergoing the Blogoshk ceremony.
  • Tha'Ohkt - The sacred texts authored by His Supreme Honor and His court of judges. It consists of the 30 commandments used to achieve peace within their civilization.
  • Wahga - A worm-like creature that dwells in sea caves. While in its pupal form, its excrement is harvested and used to brew drachnos tea.
  • Bopu bark - Wahga excrement. Contains potent hallucinogenic properties. The key ingredient in drachnos tea.
  • Drachnos tea - A powerful psychedelic libation brewed using bopu bark. The effects last about 3 dalls.
  • Blogoshk - A sacred ceremony practiced by all Vlauk to achieve spiritual enlightenment. Upon consuming drachnos tea, participants wander a labyrinth of sea caves for the full psychedelic duration.
  • Nolakk Tha - A Father's revelation. Received by those who complete the Blogoshk.
  • Bogka kor - Slow stone; a common derogatory phrase.
  • Valdgata Tha - A journey of spiritual enlightenment.

Extended Lore

Heralds of The Father

While The Mother searched our cosmos for a race to act as Her shepherds of light and mercy within Qn'Tahr, The Father set out on His own endeavor. The new universe needed a society with a strict, moral foundation to act as an example for others to follow. His journey led Him to a race of ancient warriors whose society neared extinction due to their own intolerance. Through the consumption of drachnos tea, a potent brew that elevated its consumer towards spiritual enlightenment, their civilization achieved lasting peace. Learning from the mistakes of their ancestors, the Vlauk developed stringent societal principles, which inevitably led to their lasting prosperity. Pleased with His findings, The Father presented Himself before their spiritual leaders. Revering the sudden presence of the celestial figure, the warriors offered their utmost fealty and servitude. Pleased, The Father informed His followers of their divine intention: by highlighting their moral achievement, the Vlauk would enforce His teachings within a new universe. Acting at His behest, The Father instructed His followers to instill His message unto others so they too could embrace an eternity of peace through Him. The Vlauk clergy received The Father's order with awe and reverence. The Father entrusted Kavahk Kalatis to act as His hand of righteousness and Supreme Honor within Qn'Tahr. With spiritual acquiescence, the Vlauk accepted The Father's command. Pleased, The Father gave his followers 50 years to compile their teachings and establish a clergy to His name before being summoned. Following His departure, Kavahk assembled his clergymen and began writing what would guide many lost souls towards Him, the Tha'Okt.

Kavahk wasted no time fulfilling his task. Upon the feet of the Shaylos, the gods gifted each of their heralds a piezeron crystal. This sacred gift allowed its wielder the ability to use the crystal as a spiritual anchor, enhancing their abilities. The Mother and Father gifted their chosen 200 dalls- years, to become proficient with their piezeron techneqies Technologically inclined from their Nesis partners, the Vlauk established the first early infrastructures on Kryllos. Within

The Vlauk were initially disliked among the early civilizations. Their blunt directives inverse to the Nesis; while one offered mercy through acts of beauty, the other acted as righteous judges upon which mercy could be cast. While the Light Shepherds began guiding the newly entered races into the trials, the Vlauk settled on the sister planet of Kryllos, Saa. Upon its splendorous mountain peaks, the Vlauk established the Courts of The Father. From here, they would act as the divine judges of The Father, ensuring a righteous judgment towards those in breach of his command throughout Qn’Tahr. Utilizing their wisdom from their past transgressions, the Vlauk established the moral framework within Qn'Tahr in which its denizens must follow. The noblest of the Vlauk, Kavaak Kalatis, was anointed the Supreme Honor of the established Courts of The Father. Although the denizens of Qn’Tahr weren’t as favorable of the Vlauk due to their stern and perceived dispassion towards others, they were still revered as the ultimate peacekeepers of the galaxy.

During the course of The Great Dawn, the Vlauk maintained a peaceful and deeply respected relationship with the Light Shepherds of Kryllos. Both knew the gravity of the positions in which they were entrusted. Although they worked together, the two never interfered with how the others conducted their duties- they were selected for a reason. Despite how harsh a judgment might be perceived, Saa's judges trusted the anointed Light Shepherds to follow up accordingly with Mother's mercy. Through the efforts of Kavaak and Mundaaka, a balance was achieved. The Vlauk were instrumental in maintaining peace and dealt with those who acted out against The Father’s command swiftly. Though their methods can come across as tactless to some, the Vlauk took their role as enforcers of law very seriously. As a result of their efforts and wisdom, societies flourished during The Great Dawn.

Unlike their Nesis comrades, Vlauk possessed a warrior's heart and were more than capable of defending themselves. They even developed their own star fleet with little assistance from the Rhy'Laar. They are experts in hand-to-hand combat, adopting the techniques of their ancestors. Levying on their ancient knowledge, the Vlauk developed a lethal fighting style known as Reyv Kor. Those who proved themselves worthy within the warrior trails on Cressca would be selected to join the elite fighting monks known as the Vaulok. These skilled warriors acted on the behest of the judges of Saa. Throughout the tranquility that flourished during The Great Dawn, the skilled warriors of the Vaulok had little to do and itched for a catharsis. Competition and spectacle eventually became prominent on Cressca as warriors felt the need to demonstrate and maintain their combat prowess. The Vaulok worked with the Hillian tribes and the Nesis, Mandaro Tobaru, to adopt some of their teachings into their societies. It didn't take long for the Hillian- and the Nesis who had found their bravado- to partake in the competitions on Cressca. Although it was rare, death among participants did occur. Deep respect between the Hillian and Vaulok warriors was forged as a result of these fierce competitions.

When the Nesis discovered the monks of the Semprada conducting dark rituals within the Temple of the Mother, it was the Supreme Honor, Kavaak Kalatis, who swiftly ordered the Vaulok and Hillian tribes to banish them from Kryllos and all other holy planets in the region. During this time of The Great Cleansing, the Vaulok and their allies were successful in driving out the disgraced Semprada. Despite being met with resistance, the Vaulok suffered minimal casualties. It was the Vlauk who also ordered the majority of Hillian to pursue the remaining Semprada, to ensure they no longer conducted rituals that would besmirch Mother's beauty. In the ages following The Great Cleansing, order within the holy worlds was restored. As peace once again blanketed itself throughout Qn'Tahr, reports of the dark entities began to surface. Thinking it was the efforts of the Semprada, Vlauk first thought little of the initial reports, assuming the Hillian were equipped to handle the situation. Dekrons passed, and the reports were now panicking distress calls of entire solar systems being wiped out at the hands of savage creatures, unlike anything anybody had encountered before. Kavahk Kalatis ordered most Vaulok and Hillian warriors to engage these dark entities to snuff out the rising darkness. Despite the best efforts of the divine warriors, many perished at the hands of the dark entities. The judges had found themselves- for the first time- nearly helpless and without a solution.

When the savage entities reached Kryllos and Saa, the Supreme Honor ordered the remaining troops to press on the defense in a last-ditch effort to preserve the eons of cultivated knowledge, wisdom, and beauty. He knew that if The Temple of the Mother and The Courts of the Father fell, Qn'Tahr would truly perish, and they would have failed in their duties. There was little the remaining warriors could do to thwart the rising dark. When these holy worlds were nearly consumed by darkness, Mundaaka Volgos beckoned The Mother and Father for their divine intervention. His prayer was quickly received within The Temple of the Mother. Acting fast, The Father, righteous be his judgment, vanquished the dark entities and banished them into the abyss. Here, the evil would be imprisoned for all eternity. The Mother, blessed be her mercy, washed away the horrific details of the rising dark and nurtured the surviving denizens of Qn'Tahr with her comforting light. Once all of Qn'Tahr was cleansed, The Mother and Father departed back to their celestial plain. Upon their departure, The Mother cast an intense light upon the temple that bore her name. Maso Terra was birthed from this burst of radiant energy. Stunned, those at the epicenter of this burst now found the world around them shimmering with ethereal light, unable to leave. Established technologies on Saa no longer operated, and there was no way anybody could make contact with the rest of Qn'Tahr. The Great Silence had begun.

Although the Great War's horrific details were now a fleeting memory, the remaining Nesis and Vlauk knew their divine responsibilities still needed to be fulfilled. Now unable to leave the region in the physical or communicate with any system outside of the ethereal Maso Terra, Saa's judges and the shepherds on Kryllos felt that they had failed celestial duties. Having survived the dark plight, The Nesis, Mandaro Tobaru, helped reestablish the Vaulok warriors on Cressca. During the course of The Great Silence, the denizens of Maso Terra had no idea how to move forward in restoring peace within the- presumed- fractured galaxy, even as new and familiar faces resumed entering via Mogotus Gate. With the High Shepherd now self-exiled in his chamber within The Temple of the Mother, The Great Teacher, Aiseina Tobaru, assumed her former mentor's duties. Working with The Supreme Honor, The Great Teacher and Kavaak sought resolution. Determined to honor their anointed responsibilities, the two began to develop techniques to channel their spiritual energy through fragments of crystal imbued with Mother’s Light- a piezeron. For thousands of dekron cycles, the two leaders relied on their eons of cultivated experience to perfect methods in which they could influence those outside the ethereal Maso Terra. Their hardships eventually paid off. Through extreme mental and physical fortitude, Saa's judges could use their piezeron to leave Maso Terra in the physical. The Nesis opted to remain on Kryllos and resume their duties in the spiritual rather than the physical. The Great Calm had begun.

In the eons since the reemergence of the divine races, the Vlauk resumed their duties as the ultimate authority within Qn’Tahr; though, their ability to leave Maso Terra in the physical is limited. As a result, the Vlauk have become selective about when to make their presence in the physical known; leaving the ethereal requires a tremendous amount of skill and focus that few races can achieve. Vaulok warriors are now strategically deployed to deal with only the worst offenders of The Father’s command. They also developed techniques similar to the Light Shepherds, where they could channel their piezeron to influence individuals outside of Maso Terra. Knowing this, races like the Nohrd have taken advantage of these limitations, utilizing their darkridian energy shield to throw off a Vaulok’s ability to track a targeted reprobate. Only the most skilled Vaulok can circumvent this. Through the dekron cycles, Vlauk has made multiple attempts to reach out to the Common Wealth and Armada leaders to warn them that their actions will only invoke a Father’s righteous judgment. Both are quick to dismiss these warnings. The Vlauk know that their actions will inevitably lead to consequences and now choose to deal with Armada and Nohrd leaderships infrequently. Tri-Star command will often beseech the wisdom of the judges when it comes to coordinating campaigns. Unfortunately, most personnel regard the Vlauk almost as difficult to work with as the Nohrd. Vlauk views humans as immature, unable to grasp the consequences of their actions. Some feel that they speak to humans with passive condescension.

They’re most memorable for their perceived callousness. They are extremely poignant, and their cogent ways are more than often viewed as tactless. There’s no sugar coating it with a Vlauk. They will tell you how it is, and they do not care about one’s feelings in the process. One must get past these traits to fully utilize their wisdom and knowledge. They travel in fleets of golden ships representing just a fraction of the ethereal beauty from which they now hail. They were chosen for a reason, and a Vlauk will always uphold their righteous command, whether you like it or not.

Valdgata Tha

The Great Dawn

His Righteousness

Vengeful Dark

The Silence

Order Restored


The Modern Era

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