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Rhy'Laar Combined

Crawling with lizards!

Sector size: (Approximately) 137,836 x 113,512 x 3000 ly

Allegiance: Combined, Tri-Star Federation, Maso Terra

Aurora lanes: Trapis, Rhy'Karr, Alorus, Solok

Capital: Karr'Ra'Krrah “Kara” system (Rhy'Lowk)

Key systems: Karr'Ra'Krrah, Ackolar

Nexus gate(s): Kundalini

Points of interest: Trapis End, Iynoq Border, Eer'Kaa'Rrowk Nebula

Threats: Sim Shavo, Cil Durek, Torq'Gan Iyzurek, Armada (Rare)

Expanded Lore

Established in the early dalatos of The Great Silence, the Combined is one of the largest territories in Qn’Tahr. Nohrd censuses estimated roughly 17 trillion Rhy’Laar inhabited the sector during its modern era. In the aftermath of The Great War, Rhy'Laar and other surviving populations fled elst of Maso Terra, seeking to rebuild the fractured societies. Assuming the responsibilities of the light shepherds, the Rhy’Laar worked exhaustively with the Assiek, Veliken, and Sholomite to restore societal infrastructure to the galaxy. Through a united front, the core worlds of Rhy’Lowk, Accness, Griletol, and Oolumne were established. For millions of dekron cycles, the region acted as home to peaceful societies doing their best to endure the passage of time within Qn’Tahr.

Hostilities between systems within the Combined were extremely rare.

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