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“It was considered the heart of the allied worlds.”

Planetary Details

Distance from star: 135.1 million km

Period of revolution: 317.59 dalls

Rotational period: 20 alk 45 alr 5 s

Equatorial diameter: 11,816 km

Mass (Earth = 1): .89

Average surface temp: 20* C

Surface gravity (Earth = 1): .91

Axis: 20.1*

Surface-water: 61%

Atmosphere: 69% Nitrogen, 30% Oxygen, .9% other gases

Population: 25 billion

Main inhabitance: Rhy'Laar, Assiek, Glycereon, Greeler, Louitharin, Reasson

Allegiance: Combined, Tri-Star Federation, Maso Terra

Technological class: Type 2

Governing regent: Chancellor Rhyah'Karr'Na'Taak “Rya”

Commanding Kal'Aa'Tharr'Ok: Command Star Yn'Aarr'Ek

Third planet of the Libis System.


Moons: Tola, Pola, Gnar

Artificial: Outreach Station b41, Vela Cor Horizon Orbital Defense Installation.

> Cities <


Size: 27,001.29 km*2

Governing Regent: Leader Nkiafiak Uifomar

Points of interest: Chakeet's Tavern District, Veliken monastery Yuua'Toouk, Screamer's Square, Svizalach Beach


Size: 17,565.46 km*2

Governing Regent: Oom'lalu Ouunnauoo Suobuobo, You'uudoum of Griletol

Points of interest: Louitharin district, Veliken Oumenna'muk (Heart of Griletol), Veliken You'owamuk Ammahneou'umuk (Bridge to Maso Terra), Hahzadiko Beach


Size: 19,596.72 km*2

Governing Regent: Kal'Aa'Tharr'Ok: Command Star Yn'Aarr'Ek

Points of interest: Kal'Aa'Tharr'Ok Operations, Iylic


Size: 9,234 km*2

Governing Regent: Leader Slo Yiep Yof

Points of interest: Yshitaln Industries, Hejeh Underground


Size: 18,712 km*2

Governing Regent: Leader Priak Goshsij

Points of interest: Flirawaq's Wonderous Amusements, Nyraj Entertainment District

Expanded Lore

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